Social Responsability

We are proud to make public our commitment to social responsibility and that is why we decided to do so through an alliance with Marisa Pasteleria in the value chain so that the positive impact that both companies are seeking is achieved. At our event, where we signed the agreement, Fundacion Expo Guadalajara sensitized our interest groups to join this way of doing business taking into account the environmental, economic and social dimensions, with the experience of values, as well as with the aim of achieve our business purpose with which we were born and has strengthened over the years. The development and training of our collaborators are a fundamental part of achieving this.

We appreciate your presence and support to our collaborators, partners, shareholders, clients, suppliers, invited companies, as well as CANACO (CCME (Coordinating Council of Women Entrepreneurs), CCIJ (Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco) CANIETI (National Chamber of Industry Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies), Expo Guadalajara Foundation, Marisa Foundation, Corporate Foundations and media for making us strong with their support.